Welcome to my Website!

This is my story .......

I was born and raised in Boston, MA and now live in Naples, FL.  Boston is known as an education center.  Sometimes, the education comes with a guitar in your hands and a microphone in front of you.  That was my path into a process that continues today.  I did not choose music.  It chose me.

The most important lesson learned along the way was to be, above all, entertaining.  The tunes are the arrows in my quiver.  Need a Sinatra or Tony Bennett song? You got it.  Need some good old fashioned classic 50s and 60s rock 'n roll?  Not a problem.  James Taylor, Carole King, Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson ......... you get the idea!   It's part of the show.  Feel like singing along?  We can do that too. The trick is not just singing songs.  It's knowing what song to sing.  

It's all live.  There are no tapes, no machines, no computers.  Just me, a guitar, a bar stool, a microphone and YOU.

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